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Starting From 99/ -

Medicines are organic molecules that are essential to an organism in small quantities for proper metabolic function.


Hospital Maintenece

Starting From 199/ -

Hospital building management teams are responsible for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, and any other assets within your healthcare facilities.


Hospital Uniform & Clothes

Starting From 299/ -

We are strictly adhering to the guidelines laid by the industry standards in order to provide a high quality array of Hospital Uniform Fabrics like Doctors Coat Fabric, Hospital Bed Linens Fabric, Patient Scrub Fabric and many more.


Heavy Equipment

Starting From 50000/ -

Medical equipment is used for the specific purposes of diagnosis and treatment of disease or rehabilitation following disease or injury.


Hospital General Equipment

Starting From 2000/ -

General Medical Equipment is a clinical technology company that provides service for medical equipment and limited delay in patient care.


Home Equipment

Starting From 399/ -

Running a home medical equipment (HME) business can be challenging in an ever-changing industry. We’re here to help you manage those challenges and make sure your patients are getting the right products at the right time.